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FAQ Services

Becoming a Customer

How can I become a Surya Marine Center customer?

To become a Surya Marine Center customer we require you to fill up new customer form and available in our company website. We also require a copy of your valid business license. We will review your data and send you our reply asap.

Do you allow the public to purchase from you?

No, we are very strict in ensuring that the public are unable to enter our facility, much less buy from us. We value the relationship we have with our customers and don’t want to do a disservice to them by selling to their customers.

Payment and purchase information

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, or e-mail. We recommend that if placing an order by phone you have a current stock list available to reference.

What are your minimum purchase requirements?

Due to other charges applied for a shipment, We require a minimum order of 250kg which is approximately 16 boxes of fishes or 14 boxes of corals for best reasonable landed cost of each items.

What types of payment do you accept?

We only accept payment through Wire transfers to our bank account.

What account terms do you offer?

Prepaid by wire transfer.

Do you Guarantee live arrival or offer any other mortality policy?

We offer 100% live arrival on direct commercial airport to airport flights only. All other methods of transportation are evaluated on a case by case besis with a maximum of 50% credit. All mortality claims shoult be made by the next business day and are issued as a credit memo to be applied to the next purchase. Credit memos must be applied within 30 days.

Why are some of your fish more expensive than same species of your competitor?

At Quality Marine we stive to be the best value of any wholeshare. We go to great lengths to ensure that our fish are collected and transported with the utmost level of care. We pay our suppliers fair market value or fish, allowing our suppliers to be able to afford to good attention to the husbandry required while the animals are in their care. On our end, we are constantily inproving oru holding systems to provide the best water condition poddible and reduce the high amount of stess caused bay the shipping process. Our belief that by providing the healtiest fish and invertebrates available, our customers can obtain lower mortality rates and in turn reduce the need to have higher provid margins to make up for the loss

Are you able to special order items?

Yes we can special order specific items that are not part of our typical inventory. For expensive and / or large items, a deposite may be required. Additionally, there is no guarantee on timeframe of shipment of specially ordered item. Many species are seasonal and unavailable at different times throughout the year.

Do you use copper in your system?

Due to the inevitable stress from the transportation process, certain species are more likely to be susceptible to different diseases. To combat this we use a vey high level of Ultraviolet Sterilization as well as a trace level of copper on our system. This combination is very efficient in effectively reducing the amount of bacteria and protozoan infections. We also take special care to isolate species sensitive to copper medication by housing them in separate untreated systems.

Do you also carry fresh water fishes?

On a limited basis we have select variedy of freshwater fish. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some of our fresh water fish

Shipping and Acclimatisation

What days of the week do you send shipments out?

We send shipments every day of the week from Monday-Sunday. Depending on our customers arrival day preference and request, we will arrange the best schedule and routes for our customers. Most of our regulars weekly customers prefer to set their day of arrival each week.

How is the space availability with the airlines/carriers?

On a certain periods or month we do encounter difficulty of getting space confirmation from some carrier/airlines but in anyhow we will try our best and inform you all the options available for your shipment.

How are the fish packed to ensure healthy arrival?

Conditioned fish and inverts are shipped in natural seawater which is properly sterilized, chilled and aerated prior to packing. No chemicals or tranquilizers are used in the shipping water. Fish are kept and shipped at a specific gravity at 1.018 -1.020 and invertebrates are kept and shipped at 1.023-1.025. All of our fish and invertebrates are packed in heavy duty polyethylene bags custom made for each item to insure safe arrival. In addition, most of our bags utilize newspaper liners to further reduce fish stress. Each bag is filled with fresh saltwater (not the water from the collection containers) and pure oxygen is added for fish respiration. Boxes are requested to be shipped on the carrier’s container with proper temperatures along shipping routes. We use Styrofoam inner boxes and corrugated outer cartons for all shipments. Extra box charge is made depending on the style of shipping container used (ex. Shark’s box).

How should we acclimate our fish and inverts upon arrival?

We recommend that boxes should be opened and fish be acclimated in low light to reduce fish stress. For most species, bags should be floated for 20 -30 minutes in the tanks that will house them to compensate for water temperature differences. However, if there is any indication that the water has fouled, it is recommended that the bag is floated for no more than 15 minutes and the inhabitant should immediately be released to clean water. It is always recommended that you have an idea of the Salinity and pH of the water used for shipping. This will allow you to adjust your system as necessary. Drastic changes in water quality greatly reduce survivability. For sensitive species, such as starfish and ornamental shrimp we recommend drip acclimation; a process in which water from the system is slowly dripped into the bag. This precaution allows the organism to slowly adjust to the change in water conditions.


What are your hours of operation?

Due to time differences of customer location and us, We are open 7 days a week, 365 days and 24 hrs
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